Is your Dock Ready for Fall and Winter?

Fall is now upon us, which means those cold winter months are sure to follow! Dock seals are designed to create a tight "gasket" around the back of the trailer when the trailer is positioned at the loading dock. Torn and deteriorated dock seals can allow quick loss of heated building energy. Additionally, these gaps can also allow moisture entry creating a possible safety concern for workers when transitioning into the backs of trailers.

Is your loading dock ready to combat cold weather and moisture from entering the loading area? Contact us for a complete dock assessment and get your docks ready for winter! Check out the before and after shots of this dock seal replacement.

Seal Solutions!

Large exterior doors can be a challenge to keep sealed from inclement weather and pests. A local bottling plant was facing those issues while using an older high-speed fabric door. Rice Equipment was asked to provide a recommendation for replacement of their existing door. The Rytec FastSeal high-performance fabric door was the replacement product of choice. High-speed acting, excellent sealing qualities, high wind-load rating, and impact break-away features highlight the product capabilities!

Multiple Loading Dock Positions

Additional loading dock positions is just what this retail manufacturer needed! They looked to Rice Equipment for supplying the dock levelers and dock shelters for their project. Project scope included creating door openings and dock leveler pits along an existing exterior wall.

Personnel Safety

Personnel safety at the loading dock should be paramount!  

Specifically, the ability to hold or restrain a trailer at the dock while loading/unloading occurs can be the difference between a proper and safe procedure and catastrophe! This client recognized their existing dock restraint was not up to operating standards and chose to replace it with the APS2000 dock restraint system. A positive engagement to a backing trailer could now be achieved along with clear communication to both the dock attendant and truck driver via interior/exterior LED signal lights. 

Have Rice Equipment schedule a site visit with you today, for a complete safety assessment of your loading dock!

Concrete Work, We Got That!

Dock edge failure created an unsafe scenario for unloading inbound materials for this customer. Complete replacement of the failed embedded steel channel, new channel and concrete, and a new Edge-of-Dock leveler were required. Upon completing the first dock position, the second dock position was also repaired and upgraded as well. All work performed in-house by a certified Rice Equipment technician!

How Do You Handle Air Movement?

How do you handle air movement in your facility? A High-Velocity Low-Speed (HVLS) fan is designed to provide big air movement for cooling effect during warmer months, while also de-stratifying and saving energy during the winter season. 

A local township opted for a large 24’ diameter fan in one of their highway commission buildings. Contact Rice Equipment when considering HVLS fans for your facility.

We have the solution to your need!

"We need to service semi-trailers, but we don't have a loading dock." 

Serco LoadWarrior is easily customized to fit your exact application. This large 8'x8' platform allows the user to comfortably make a 90-degree turn with a pallet jack. Our dock lifts provide service from grade-level to 60" above grade, enabling the user to load across a perfectly smooth, level surface.