Turbo ES Loading Dock Fan Saves the Day

Hot summers are typical experience in the St. Louis area, and this year has further solidified this position. The heat index during late June through Mid-August has consistently peaked over 100 degrees on a daily basis. Excessive heat is a huge concern for warehouse employees who are performing demanding physical tasks in unconditioned logistics facilities. 
Unloading overseas cargo containers by hand is especially grueling during the summer. These dark colored shipping containers have a full-metal construction, and can reach oven-like temperatures. 
That's where our TURBO-ES Fan comes in. This fan unit, pictured below, produces a jet-like column of air - capable of reaching all the way to the back of a 53' trailer. This isn't the kind of fan you want blowing directly into your face. Rather, this fan is pointed along the side of the trailer, alleviating all of the hot, stagnant, and unpleasant air. 
For this customer, in Earth City, Missouri, the response was fantastic; relief was long overdue.
This TURBO-ES Fan is accompanied by a Food/Pharma rated LED light, which comes with a 5-year warranty. The dual-purpose swingarm requires a smaller footprint on the facility's wall and increases electrical efficiency through advanced engineering design.