If you need R-Value, or you need speed. We've got both.

RYTEC Turbo Seal: An industry proven workhorse with an average speed of over 101 inches per second and an extraordinary insulating capacity, the Turbo-Seal Insulated door is the definitive solution for cold storage environments. The revolutionary door is built on the proven Turbo-Seal platform for unmatched reliability and lasting performance.

Extremely Fast and Quiet - Peak speed of 182” per second with an unrivaled average speed of 101” per second - the highest av- erage opening speed of any insulated roll door available.

RilonTM Thermal (2.0) Panel - One-inch thick, closed-cell foam panel is laterally-rigid and vertically flexible. Non-porous, moisture- proof vapor barrier for uniform performance.

Perimeter Seals - Quad SealsTM in the side columns provide double seals on the front and back of the panel. Double brush seals com- bined with the idler barrel, seal the top of the door. The vinyl loop creates a tight seal along the bottom of the door.

Thermal Breaks - Total thermal breaks built into the header, side columns and bottom bar min- imize conductive thermal energy transference.

Self-Repairing - Upon impact, the self- repairing system automatically resets and re- stores the door panel in just seconds-without any human intervention.

Safe - Thru-beam photo eyes and a pneu- matic reversing edge are standard. Standard threshold warning lights indicate when door is closing. Ry-WiTM wireless eliminates cords attached to bottom bar and enables continuous and uninterruptible safety communications. 

Rytec TurboSeal Insulated. High-Speed Freezer Door.

Rytec TurboSeal Insulated. High-Speed Freezer Door.

The superior design of the Turbo-SlideTM freezer door provides advanced thermal features to endure the rigorous demands of freezer environments.

Proprietary Flex-Panel® technology and fully closed cell EVA foam produce R-values ranging from R-17 (standard) up to R-40. Available in both sliding and bi-part designs, it is ideal for high cycle applications where increased productivity and energy efficiency are top priorities.

Moving at speeds of up to 125" per second, the Rytec Turbo-Slide significantly reduces cycle times compared to other freezer doors. In addition, a thermoplastic outer shell ensures superior impact resistance and durability, and minimal down time. And Armor LockTMperimeteredgesealprovidesanairtight,watertightsealalongalledges.Turbo-Slide is the professional’s choice for day-in, day-out high performance.