Trailer Restraints

Sometimes referred to as truck restraints, rotating trailer hooks, or dok loks. No matter what you call it, our restraints are engineered to provide the highest level of safety for your operation. 

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"As a tractor trailer was pulling away from a loading dock, the victim fell between the truck and loading dock, and a forklift used for unloading material from the trailer fell on top of the man and crushed him"


St. Louis area death leads to lawsuit, "the lawsuit contends that the area where Zachery Boland worked should have had a vehicle restraint system or wheel restraint system."

One of the most common causes of dock accidents is vehicles which are not properly secured before loading. Serco offers a full line of restraints that can make loading and unloading all kinds of vehicles safer for your workforce. Let's be honest, those wheel chocks can't stand up to the pull-out force of our restraints. The added safety and communication helps to ensure that your personnel go home safely at the end of the day.

Serco truck and trailer restraints successfully integrate powerful and effective operation with instantaneous, clear, non-verbal communications systems for dock operators and drivers. The result is a new level of safety and enhanced productivity on the dock.

Vehicle Restraints
are designed to engage a trailer’s rear impact guard and can be mounted to the dock wall, ground or recessed in a pit under the leveler

Wheel Restraints
answer the challenge of safely securing trailers with missing or damaged rear impact guards and those equipped with lift gates

APS 2000 Rotating Hook Restraint

PitBull Safety-Loc Trailer Restraint

To guard against premature departure, trailer creep and trailer walk, Serco has designed the PitBull Safety-Loc Series. The PitBull has a bite that locks on tight, engaging a trailer’s rear impact guard and securing it more effectively than rubber wheel chocks. Serco PitBull Safety-Loc restraints are most compatible with the new rear impact guards because of their non-impact, low-profile design. 

PitBull restraints are available in a variety of models to suit virtually any loading dock operation or configuration in the industry. 

Power: PitBull Safety-Loc series powered restraints provide automatic push-button activation with advanced electronics and standard LED communication systems for increased dock safety and security. Driveway or wall-mounted units available. 

Mechanical: PitBull Safety-Loc series mechanical restraints are manually activated and offer lower day-to-day operating costs, higher up-time performance and operational simplicity. Some units can be combined with a light communication package for clear communication. 

Design Highlights

  • Dual Locking Positions at 7" & 11" From Face of 4" Bumper

  • Horizontal Hooking Range 0 - 11” From Face of 4" Bumper

  • Non-Impact Design & Operation

  • 120V Single Phase (SL60-90 Only)

  • Low-Profile - Stores at 9" Off Grade

  • Hot Dip Galvanized Finish

  • Optional Driveway Mount Capability

  • Standard Backplate Height 23 1/2" Wall Mount / 16" Ground Mount

  • Wedge Anchors for Installation Included (3/4 x 5-1/2)

  • LED Interior & Exterior Communication Lights (Not available on SL10)

Our safety committee decided that the PitBull trailer restraint was the most compelling method to ensure the safety of everyone in our shipping/receiving department. They’ve been a great addition to our operation.
— Rich L.
Serco PitBull Trailer Restraint for Loading Docks to Lock Semi Trailer Into Place Saint Louis MO

Serco Manual Safety-Chock

No rear impact bar? No problem. 

SIMPLE, SAFE & EFFECTIVE.Serco's Manual Safety-Chock provides loading docks with a cost-effective, versatile wheel restraint solution, and is capable of engaging and restraining the wide range of trailers that come to the dock, including trucks with lift gates, damaged Rear Impact Guards, or different axle configurations. Easy installation, simple operation and minimal maintenance provide a lower lifetime cost of ownership than other wheel restraint systems, and its ergonomic design enables easy maneuvering for accurate and reliably safe operation. 

The simple yet durable design includes an interlock- capable control panel, standard LED communication lights, exterior audible alarm and advanced safe engagement sensors to provide effective and efficient communication between the dock employee and the restraint operator.

Design Highlights & Advantages  

Trailer Compatibility

  • 10’ (3 m) standard length and 6’ (1.8 m) engagement range effectively secures the trailer’s wheels instead of the Rear Impact Guard (RIG).

  • Capable of restraining trailers with lift gates, damaged RIGs, multiple axles and/or wheel covers and mud flaps.

Restraining Force

  • Restraining arm engages wheel near the axle height, ensuring superior capture.

  • Provides up to 32,000 lbs. (142 kN) of restraining force confirmed using ANSYS analysis and live-load testing.

Rugged Construction

  • Heavy-duty, hot dip galvanized steel components ensure long structural life.

  • Guide rail and end cap deflector designed to withstand the weight of off-center trailers.

Positive Communication

  • LED interior/exterior lights are standard, and provide superior performance versus incandescent bulbs.

  • Carriage and trailer presence sensor provide effective communication of restraining arm position.

  • 106-decibel exterior audible alarm alerts personnel if restraint is prematurely disengaged.

  • Inside release button allows dock attendant to signal when loading/unloading is complete.

Ease of Operation

  • User-friendly, 2-step engagement / disengagement only requires 35 lbs. (156 N) of operating force.

  • Ergonomic design of activation handle is 44 1/2” (1,131 mm) long with safety-yellow grip.

  • No bending or lifting required to engage or disengage restraining arm.

Integrated Technology

  • Restraint controls can be interlocked and sequenced with dock leveler, overhead door or other equipment.

  • Restraint controls easily integrated with 4SIGHTdock/yard management system.

Designed for Extreme Weather

  • Galvanized finish and 10-degree angle of guide rail enable restraint to withstand snow, ice and debris.

  • Optional 17' (5.2 m), 120-volt heat tracer cable helps clear snow and ice.

  • Trailer presence sensor is IP67 rated and proximity switch is sealed and waterproof.

Low Lifetime Ownership Cost

  • Superior design, manufacturing and testing combined with easy operation and minimal maintenance requirements ensures years of reliable performance.

  • Serco’s global network of application and service professionals provide the highest levels of support.

SLP Recessed Restraint

The Serco Safety-Loc SLP Restraint is a hydraulically actuated, recessed, non-impact vehicle restraint ideal for new construction or remodeling applications. The SLP is installed in a pit under the leveler and, when retracted, offers a clean dock face, allowing unobstructed access to smaller delivery vehicles, trailers with hydraulic lift gates and an open drive for unimpeded snow plowing or drive cleanup.  

The hydraulically activated SLP effectively controls vehicle movement by grabbing and holding the rear impact guard throughout the loading/unloading process. 

Design Highlights

  • Recessed, Pit Mounted Design

  • Non-Impact, Hydraulic Activation

  • Power to Match Dock Leveler

  • Auto Restore (if no Rear Impact Guard)

  • Sign Package

  • LED Interior & Exterior Communication Lights

  • Horizontal Hooking Range 4 - 14" From Dock Face

  • 9 - 28" Vertical Hooking Range

  • Programmable Controller

We service all Dok Lok Restraints & equip our service fleet with a full range of Dok Lok (TM) parts. 

Find out how Rice Equipment can fully integrate every piece of equipment at your loading dock. 

Trailer Restraints are the Ultimate Compliment to your Dock Leveler Increase Loading Dock Safety and Security with Rice Equipment St Louis Missouri Illinois
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