We've got a Dock Leveler for every application and every budget.

Integrate your leveler with all the devices at your dock. Safety, efficiency, and performance are our top priorities. 

One of the first things our guys noticed was how much smoother it was to load with the [Serco] hydraulic leveler.
— Patrick D.
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Dock Leveler Installation, Service & Repair.

Rice Equipment's technicians are Certified & Factory Trained, adding years of dependability to your equipment.

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Serco Dock Levelers can bring a new level of safety and security to your loading docks. Serco successfully integrates powerful and effective levelers with instantaneous, clear, non-verbal communication systems for your dock operator and vehicle drivers.

The result -- improved safety and enhanced productivity on your dock.

Serco has a dock leveler for every need and budget.

Help us understand your application, and we'll help you carry the load.

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We offer dock levelers in numerous different sizes, loading capacity & operation type. Larger levelers provide a smoother transition & greater working range - servicing trailers of all different heights. Next is your load. How much weight are you moving, and how many trailers do you service per day? Capacities are typically rated between 30,000lbs and 80,000lbs. Finally, how would you like to operate your leveler? Hydraulic operation makes it as simple as pressing a button. There is very little maintenance required, and the product life is incredible. We also offer Air-Powered levelers, mechanical, and a hybrid called "PAL" - Power Assisted Leveler.

We strictly use Serco levelers in our facility. Downtime isn’t an option, and these [levelers] have proven to be the best option for us.
— Darin E.
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No Dock Leveler? No Problem.

We'll cut, form & install levelers and door openings.

Our master control panel puts you in command. Control all of your loading dock devices from a single source, adding safety, security and efficiency to your operation. 

Shown Above: Serco Master Control Panel

Shown Above: Serco Master Control Panel

Serco Master Control Panels combine the operating controls for all dock devices into one compact panel, drastically improving functionality, productivity, security and environmental control while saving on electrical costs. 

Design Highlights

  • Fully integrates operations for the dock leveler, truck restraint, overhead door and other dock equipment 
  • Single power source saves field electrical labor and hard-wiring costs 
  • Interlocks equipment to ensure safe, sequential operation 
  • Centralized equipment controls simplify operations 
  • Compact panel size optimizes wall space in confined areas and provides a more aesthetic, organized appearance
Even more important than saving space, the Master Control Panel has been a huge improvement in the safety of our loading operation.
— Tim F.
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Adding trailer restraints to your dock leveler increases safety, communication & efficiency. Click below to find out more. 

PM Servicing Leads to Longer Equipment Life & Reduced Downtime