Dock Seals vs. Dock Shelters

No matter your door size or dock application, we've got a solution for you. And if you're not sure what you're looking for, we can help.

A properly designed dock seal can achieve up to 90% efficiency, saving energy and reducing your heating/cooling costs. 

Longer Lasting. Better Sealing. Zero Compromise. That's our Promise.

Know your loading dock is safe, dry and energy efficient with Serco dock seals and shelters. The Serco brand offers a complete range of seals and shelters, servicing a wide variety of trailer sizes and types and featuring the ultra-durable SercoSteel® galvanized steel framing for years of reliability. Whether you’re looking to keep the elements out of your loading dock or need an efficient way to cut down on energy costs, the Serco line offers a range of products that offer complete durability and efficiency for a range of dock application needs.

Rice Equipment offers a complete range of Dock Seals & Dock Shelters to keep your loading dock environment safe and efficient.


Serco UHWR Fabric. There is no Equal.

Click Image for Comparison Details.

Click Image for Comparison Details.

Serco IronSide Dock Seals & Shelters

Longer lasting. Better Sealing. Zero compromise.

Click for IronSide Dock Seal Brochure

Click for IronSide Dock Seal Brochure

Our products feature ultra-durable Serco Steel™; framing for years of reliable performance. If you're starting to see excessive wear on your current units, it might be time to upgrade.

Dock Seals
keep the elements out for a safe and productive loading dock

Dock Shelters
help keep the elements out while also providing full trailer access for a safe and productive loading dock

Inflatable Seals & Shelters
provide greater flexibility and a positive seal for improved dock safety, energy efficiency and improved loading dock environmental control

Rail Shelters
protect products and goods from the elements during the transition between the loading dock and railway cars

DryDock® Rain Sealing System
keeps external moisture out of the loading/unloading area using an ingenious "wiper" pad

HINGE GUARD™ Dock Shelter System
specially designed to close off trailer hinge gaps while not restricting trailer access

Serco Blackout Dock Shelter vs Rite Hite Eclipse Dock Shelter Serco is Superior to Kelley Fairborn Rite Hite McGuire Loading Dock Foam Pads and Bumpers Semi Truck Trailer Seals up against building Keep water from getting into loading dock area Dry Dock Aqua Shield Rice Equipment St Louis Dock Repair
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Blue Dock Seal Shelter Bumper Truck Pad Industrial Loading Dock Equipment Rice Equipment St Louis MO IL
Rigid Frame Dock Shelter Industrial Dock Equipment and Repair Seals Shelters Restraints Levelers Rice Equipment St Louis MO IL
Inflatable Dock Seal Dock Shelter Saint Louis Missouri STL Maryland Height Earth City Bridgeton Fenton Dock Leveler Equipment Dock Cushions Dock Pads Dock Bumpers

Dock Seals Brochure

Dock Shelters Brochure

Getting a good fit around all sides of the trailers that come to a loading dock can be a big challenge – until now.  Rice Equipment's dock shelters provide a tight, consistent seal all the way up trailer sides, across the top, and at the corners.