Does your Truck Restraint capture the ICC Bar every time? 

By Brian Lindell, Field Technician with 32+ years of experience

If your Truck Restraint is having trouble with properly capturing the ICC Bar our suggestion might surprise you.


Check your dock bumpers for wear.  Bumpers play a critical role in the correct positioning of the ICC Bar, placing it in the optimum position for contact with the Truck Restraint.   A general industry standard is 4” of bumper projection for a level drive approach, more may be necessary if your grade is sloped.  Often in the field we find worn bumpers are the culprit of improper red/green safety communication lights for your Trailer Restraint.    Dock Bumpers are a relatively inexpensive investment that insure that your Truck Restraint is operating at optimal Range and can also protect your building and foundation from costly repairs.  Safety is critical, don’t overlook problems that often are easy to resolve.

Goal - maintain a 100% ICC Bar capture with your Truck Restraint!  Remember Rice Equipment is here to serve you and to keep your facility running smoothly and your employees safe. 

  • Rice Equipment has a planned Maintenance Program just right for you.

  • Rice Equipment has personnel that can come do a complete survey of your Loading Dock(s).

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