Our NUMBER ONE - Dock Leveler Maintenance Tech Tip

By Brian Lindell, Field Technician with 32+ Years of Experience

Accumulation of debris under dock levelers becomes a hazard to the function and life of a leveler.  Debris can go unnoticed because they are concealed from sight but we rank the problem high on our list of leveler maintenance that should NEVER be overlooked.

  • Debris hold moisture which can prematurely rust out the sub frame and get into moving mechanisms underneath the dock leveler causing operational issues

  • The debris can also attract unwanted insects and rodents to your facility. 


Regularly clear away all debris from under your dock leveler.  Cleaning out this unwanted trash from under your dock leveler ranks as one of the best practices to follow.  This simple solution addresses a problem before it becomes a big issue. Part of Rice Equipment’s planned maintenance program includes this process of clearing away all unwanted accumulated material under dock levelers.  Keep safety first by properly securing the leveler in an up position before any maintenance is performed.

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Before and After - What a difference!

Before and After - What a difference!